Parade Rules

Parade Rules


1) No throwing of objects of any kind from or at floats/vehicles/spectators  

2) No walking of spectators in front of moving floats/vehicles, only cross street at designated crosswalks.

3) No water balloons, squirt guns or spraying of water from or at floats/vehicles/spectators

4) The use of Pop-up tents is discouraged.  If Pop-up tents are blocking the view of other spectators they will ask to be removed.


At the end of the parade for those wishing to enter the Splash Zone and get wet:

1) The Splash Zone is designated at the Plaza corner of 1st Street West and Spain Street only.

2) Spectators who willingly choose to enter the intersection will be lightly misted by crossing arches of dispersed fire hose spray

3) Children are encouraged to bring squirt guns to target firefighters

4) Adults throwing water balloons at firefighters and others is discouraged


1) No alcohol will be allowed to be brought into the plaza park. Any alcohol purchased in the plaza park cannot be taken out of the plaza onto the streets.

2) No personal generators will be allowed in the plaza park.

3) No Pets allowed in the plaza except certified service animals.