Parade Rules

Parade Rules


Entries having children under age 18 must provide parents or other adult chaperones to walk alongside and supervise.

  • Stay off the sidewalks and follow the parade route.
  • Do not interfere with other parade participants.
  • Children under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult.
  • Children under the age of 16 must not drive motorized vehicles.
  • All participants on bikes must wear helmets due to liability insurance.
  • Do not throw any items into the crowd, this includes candy, water balloons and spraying water from floats.
  • Passing out items, hand-to-hand to parade spectators is acceptable.
  • No plastic disposable water bottles are allowed to be handed out during the parade.
  • Do not litter or otherwise make a mess that someone else will have to clean up.
  • Remember, this event is rated “G” an entry must be suitable for viewing by all ages.
  • The parade is an alcohol free event.  No drinking will be permitted by ANY parade participant before or during the parade.  Anyone found to be in violation will be asked to leave and law enforcement will be notified.
  • No smoking.
  • Do not use banners, costumes or language that even come close to denigrating anyone or anything.
  • Max of 10 horses per entry
  • Max of 5 cars per entry
  • Max of 2 trailers per entry
  • Max length of trailer is 30 feet
  • Max float height is 13 feet
  • Horse entries must provide their own mucker
  • All local, State & Federal laws apply during the parade.
  • Stopped parade performances are only allowed in designated areas (directly in front of judges & announcement booths).  All other times the participants are expected to move with the flow of the parade and not stop.

Throughout the parade there will be parade officials who will control the flow of the parade.  Due to the change in the parade route this year it will be extremely important to follow the parade official’s instructions.  Parade officials will be wearing red staff shirts and have the final say.  Any participant who refuses to obey in the instructions of the parade officials will either get a warning, be pulled from the parade immediately or be suspended from any parades in the future.

Any participant who is acting in a manor deemed negligent, reckless, or dangerous will be asked to leave the parade immediately.  Any person who does not comply with parade officials will be escorted from the parade route by law enforcement.

The Sonoma Volunteer Firefighters Association would like to keep this historic and loved parade for many years to come.  Each participant in the parade can do their part by providing a safe, fun parade for the community and guests of Sonoma Valley.