Letter to the Community

Dear fellow Sonoma Valley Residents:

While we are heartened to hear from so many of you that are eager for the return of our fireworks display, we have also heard, understand and acknowledge those who have concerns about the show. Noise from fireworks can cause distress for our veterans, those with sensory sensitivities and pets. Fireworks shows in the past have brought in large crowds. We're in a drought with an early start to fire season.

We take these concerns very seriously.

Please know that our experienced team is committed to safely putting on a Fireworks show, and has done this through many droughts in the past. This year, we'll use reclaimed water to dampen the area around the display area. We have acquired fireworks that will launch higher in the sky so they will be enjoyed from a safe distance and discourage crowds. We'll continue to communicate details of the event including the time and duration to better prepare those who are sensitive to the noise. As we do every year, the State Fire Marshal, CalFire and your Sonoma Valley Fire District will all use our utmost diligence regarding the wind and weather, watching both to make sure we can safely launch fireworks. Any of these three agencies can and will put an immediate stop to the Fireworks Display if it is unsafe.  If we do encounter inclement weather we will postpone/cancel the show.  Rest assured that our team of highly trained professionals will always place the safety of the community first and foremost. 

We will have multiple resources from multiple fire agencies patrolling the area ready to extinguish any fire that may occur.  After all who better to put on a fireworks show than your local firefighters!  Over this past year these dedicated men and women have been on the front lines of the worst fire season California has ever faced, as well as the COVID-19 Pandemic.  They would like nothing more than to help celebrate this nation’s independence as we recover from this last year’s disasters by providing the community with a much needed celebration.

The mission of the Sonoma Volunteer Firefighters Association is to serve the community by proving fundraising support for the Sonoma Valley Fire and Rescue Authority, conduct social functions and educate the public on fire danger and prevention.  The goal of the Association is to support the Sonoma Valley Fire and rescue Authority’s ability to conduct aggressive fire suppression, to minimize losses from fire and other hazards, and to provide emergency medical services support for the community with courtesy and pride.



Parade applications will be available May 1, 2020.



Vendor Applications will be available soon.